Not Now! Now!


I have just come across this book in my literature search. It is edited my Lorenz and Boudry, artists who look at temporal drag through their film making practice. It looks extremely relevant to the questions that I have been asking about the potential of queer feminist practices to produce queer temporalities. I have ordered it and look forward to reading more.

Here’s a quote from the blurb that I find particularly useful to how I am thinking about my research:

‘Not Now! Now! engages with the politics of time in art: historical narratives and memory, the unforeseen rhythms of time, and the challenge of visualizing time. The book connects the postcolonial and queer debate around chronopolitics with artistic strategies that introduce breaks, stutter time, use citations and anachronisms, and introduce deferrals and collapses between time and meaning.
They thus challenge orderly and rigid temporal concepts and their effects on bodies and the social. Contributions by art theorists, artists, and artistic researchers highlight how temporal norms organize our biographies and intimate relations, as well as the handling of capital or the continuation of colonial relations. The book instead suggests to focus on a particular non/moment in time: the not-now/now. It indicates a possible break in the temporal order, a meaningful gap between “not now!” and “now!” Or: the past and the future (“not now!”) uncannily but promisingly showing up “now!”’

The idea of the ‘not now! now!’ as the past showing up now in a meaningful way- touches on how I have been thinking about ‘The Jerk’ in time that I am attempting to access in my practice. Instead I have been looking at what Brian Massumi calls ‘The Virtual’- which is both the past and the future- and it’s potentialities contracted into the event in motion.


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