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Joan Jonas, They Come To Us Without A Word (2015)

Reading for and writing my essay on 4 critical texts for the module M001 has been really helpful in defining my practice. I chose 4 performance works to critically analyze, which helped me to understand how I am engaging with the artistic field of my research. I chose to look at Can You Pause That For A Second (2003/2015), Tracy and The Plastics, Draw Without Looking (2013), Joan Jonas, Terra Nullius (2016), Shabnam Shabazi, and Shadowing Josephine (2016), Jade Monserrat.

These works use different strategies to produce a sense of time that is not normative, linear, causal or progressive. For example Greenwood’s work, uses ‘the pause’, Joan Jonas, a ‘distended temporality’, Monserrat’s work uses duration, and Shabazi, looks at using guerilla tactics within an official archive. I am thinking of how my practice and the strategies I am exploring in the studio expand the conversation and engage with the techniques these artists have developed.

At this time, my work is looking at using the strategies of experimental film, such as ‘the cut’, ‘the loop’ and ‘the jerk’ in live performance, to explore how spaces of performance can interrupt and rupture each other to produce a queer temporality and ignite queer feminist histories.


The ‘Jerk’

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Reading Amelia Jones’s book Seeing Differently (2012), and Brian Massumi’s article ‘The Autonomy of Affect’ (2000), I have been thinking of what an interruption or ‘jerk’ in meaning-making can do.

Are there specific strategies that can be used to draw out the durationality of the work? Can we use ‘the jerk’ as a strategy to unknot a binary spatial logic of viewing?

Spill Writing 2016

I was one of 6 writers responding to performance art works across the festival. There were some exceptional pieces that made me think deeply about my own work, especially in relation to how they used different representational strategies as political activism.

I responded to these works in writing, Terra Nullius, Becoming ‘We are all made of stars’, Shadowing Josephine, and Echo/plasm.¬†You can find this writing here.