In Your Honour I (Live Shot) & IYHII (The Night is Red) @ Chisenhale Dance Space

We performed a double bill on Saturday 24th March at Chisenhale Dance Space. The tickets were sold out and there was a big crowd on the night, moving between the studio and theatre, and between pieces which interrupted and bled into one another. IYHII (The Night is Red) has emerged out of research on looping in a practice-based PhD. It magnifies and wormholes out of a small part of In Your Honour I (Live Shot) and interrogates what can emerge from the loop: pleasurable repetitions, queer imaginings, and exponential narratives. IMG_3446IMG_3442IMG_3439IMG_3433IMG_3431IMG_3425IMG_3423IMG_3411IMG_3399IMG_3396IMG_3386IMG_3384IMG_3382IMG_3372IMG_3367IMG_3357IMG_3355IMG_3352IMG_3345IMG_3339IMG_3325IMG_3319IMG_3307IMG_3305IMG_3302IMG_3301IMG_3300IMG_3294IMG_3286IMG_3285IMG_3283IMG_3273IMG_3272IMG_3271IMG_3269IMG_3268IMG_3266IMG_3260IMG_3257IMG_3253IMG_3252IMG_3248IMG_3245IMG_3243IMG_3241IMG_3239IMG_3235IMG_3232IMG_3231IMG_3229IMG_3227IMG_3225IMG_3223IMG_3221IMG_3220IMG_3208IMG_3207IMG_3196IMG_3193IMG_3190IMG_3189IMG_3188IMG_3185IMG_3184IMG_3183IMG_3179IMG_3173IMG_3170IMG_3169IMG_3165IMG_3163IMG_3162IMG_3160IMG_3156IMG_3154IMG_3150IMG_3143IMG_3140IMG_3138IMG_3136IMG_3131IMG_3128IMG_3126IMG_3124IMG_3121IMG_3119IMG_3117IMG_3116IMG_3114IMG_3113IMG_3112IMG_3100IMG_3097IMG_3093IMG_3090IMG_3083IMG_3062IMG_3061IMG_3058IMG_3053IMG_3051IMG_3050IMG_3049IMG_3047IMG_3044IMG_3041IMG_3040IMG_3038IMG_3033IMG_3021


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