Claire is a choreographer, whose practice explores the disruptive potentials of the image. Her practice sits between dance, performance and film, and she negotiates this through a DIY, post-internet aesthetic. In her current project she is exploring the potential of looping in a performance practice. This includes looping as copying, recording, re-mediating and creating technological loops through live feed, recorded film and bodies in performance.

She asks what might appear through these processes? How might looping operate as mining or excavating images for their alternative meanings or histories?

Claire has shown work at Arsenic Theatre, Lausanne (2016), Art Licks Festival, London (2015), Bonnie Bird Theatre (2012), among others. Her work has also featured in television programme Artbox Luxembourg RTL with collaborator Catherine Elsen. She has also performed for other artists, including participating in Bojana Cvejic and Christene De Smedt’s ‘Spatial Confessions’ for the BMW Tate Room Live Series (2014). In 2015 she graduated with an MA in The Body in Performance (Distinction) from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (2015). Recently Claire has worked as a choreographer for Nicolas Stuecklin’s ‘Palponait’, which received 2nd prize at Premio Prize for Theatre and Dance, Switzerland.