In Your Honour (Live Shot)

Upcoming performance at Chisenhale Theatre, London, 24th March 2018

Performed at Laban Theatre, London, 2015

Through performance I explore the disruptive potential of the image. This work sits across live performance, film, and dance, through which I use post-internet and DIY strategies.
In Your Honour is an ongoing project lasting a number of years where it pops up at events and is re-translated. In its current incarnation, images are built up in order for them to be ruptured and reordered. Operatic sirens, a diva, and riot grrrls, loop gestures and interrupt and bleed into one another. A pool of technician-performers mill across the performance/film set, and perform precise technical actions to produce a complex score.
These processes of image production are queered through interjections from an off-space where a parallel performance is taking place. Screens within the performance operate as wormholes into other time-places. Through these multiple temporalities, images, and framings, In Your Honour produces alternative fictions and unofficial histories.
In Your Honour II
Upcoming performance at Chisenhale Theatre, London, 24th March 2018
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In this project I am exploring the potential of looping in a performance practice. This includes looping as copying, recording, remediating and creating technological loops through live feed, recorded film and bodies in performance. I ask what might appear through these processes? How might looping operate as mining or excavating images for their alternative meanings or histories?

This sits within a wider context where we have become used to viewing images in non-sequential ways. Post-internet, we access images though scrolling, switching tabs, clicking on links in YouTube that appear like wormholes, and finding images and themes that return again and again through algorithm feeds. These developments in late-capitalist image-based culture open up new possibilities for what an image can do. I am particularly interested in the potential of post-internet strategies of looping in performance, for rupturing the construct of linear time and making multiple temporalities felt in the present.

I have been returning to certain images and exploring what appears when I put them through systems of looping. At this point in the project I am interested in exploring more deeply the images I use, and therefore what different histories and meanings they drag into the present.

I am also looking at how I loop back on my own practice differently. This involves re-translating and repurposing my work through different iterations in order to explore how meanings may accrue and coagulate through this process.